Could Trump mean the end of low interest rates?

A new leader of the world’s largest super power will always be accompanied by uncertainty, however the election of Donald Trump highlights (in the words of another Donald (Rumsfeld)) those “unknown unknowns” have been amplified. This means uncertainty. Trump is untested, unproven, and if the election campaign is anything to go by, spontaneous. While Trump’s acceptance speech seems to have calmed the markets, to what extent his election platforms and policies will actually be enacted will only be know with time. In the meantime, one outcome that is certain as Donald Trump assumes office is increased uncertainty which is likely to play out as higher volatility across financial and equity mark

“Staircasing” could help more Aussies enter the property market

Commonwealth Bank, in its Future Home Insights Series, identified a number of trends that are predicted to significantly influence the Australian housing market “from now until 2030 and beyond.” One of the emerging pathways Aussies may increasingly turn to in the future to finance homeownership is “staircasing.” The scheme works this way: instead of buying their homes outright, homebuyers opt to purchase a share in the property and gradually increase their stake as their savings grow—effectively allowing them to “staircase” their way up to full homeownership. Classified as a type of shared ownership arrangement, staircasing was originally announced as part of the UK government’s Help to

Investor lending drove surge in the value of housing finance commitments in September

According to the ANZ Australian Economics Quick Reaction for November, the value of housing finance commitments increased by 1.8 per cent month-on-month in September, led by a solid month-on-month rise of 4.6 per cent in investor finance. The jump in investor finance lifted annual growth to 9.6 per cent year on year, which according to ANZ is the first positive annual growth since July 2015. “This likely reflects the fact that house prices continue to rise and auction clearance rates remain elevated and this will be closely monitored by policymakers in the coming months,” ANZ said. Meanwhile, the value of owner-occupied finance (excluding refinancing) fell by 0.8 per cent month-on-month in S

Trump ‘bad news’ for Australia, warns economist

Donald Trump’s election to the US presidency could pose significant risks for Australia’s economy, a senior economist has predicted. With the United States’ presidential election looming, AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver has discussed the potential ramifications for Australia if Donald Trump were to be elected. Speaking to Mortgage Business, Mr Oliver predicted that the initial reaction to Trump’s election would be “a negative one”. “[It would be] bad news. There would be a lot of uncertainty around what he will do,” Mr Oliver explained. “Shares would sell off globally and in Australia, and then there would be an element of waiting.” “Is he going to be the anti-globalist, populist th


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