1ST CITY Fund+Protect (Bluejay Partners Pty Ltd ABN 82 614 196 468) is committed to providing a fantastic client experience each and every time you engage us to assist. Our partners with whom we operate with (Constantia Finance Partners Pty Ltd) are full members of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and are subject to the MFAA Code of Practice as well as being members of The Credit and Investments Ombudsman Limited (CIO), an independent external dispute resolution scheme.

The CIO rules require you to attempt to resolve your complaints with the member of the CIO in the first instance via our Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction through our IDR process, then you are able to lodge the compliant with CIO for them to consider. If you lodge a complaint with the CIO before we have had an opportunity to resolve the complaint with you directly, CIO will refer it to back to us before it can be considered further.


Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Process

If there is ever an occasion where you are not fully satisfied with a service offered to you by us, we ask that you first speak with your relationship manager that was assisting you. If you are unhappy with the response you receive from your relationship manager, you can ask to have the matter referred to our Complaints Manager. Importantly, no fee is payable for an IDR service through us.

The Complaints Manager can be contacted at:

Constantia Finance Partners Pty Ltd
PO Box Level 11, 122 Arthur St
North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone: 8315 2046

Email: info@1stcity.com.au

All forms of complaints will be registered on our Central Complaints Register and a letter of Acknowledgement will be forwarded to you by the Complaints Manager. We will also request that you complete a Complaints form and provide any supporting documentation and/or relevant file information to the Complaints Manager.

Upon receipt of the Complaints Form and all supporting documentation, the matter will be investigated and dependent on the circumstances a resolution provided to you by the Complaints Manager within 45 days. Should an adequate response not be provided to you within 45 days, the Complaints Manager must inform you of the reasons for the delay and advise you of your right to lodge a complaint directly with CIOL. However in most circumstances the response from the Complaints Manager will be written and forwarded to you within 45 days, stating the reasons for reaching our decision/s.

In the event that the Complaints Manager rejects your complaint or you are dissatisfied with our remedy should we accept your complaint, we will remind you of your rights to have your complaint lodged with the CIO. As a holder of Australian Credit Licence No. 485034, Constantia Finance Partners Pty Limited is required to be a member of an approved external dispute resolution (EDR) scheme such as the CIO. The CIO offers an impartial dispute resolution scheme to assist consumers to resolve complaints with participating financial services providers.


The CIO can be contacted at:

Credit and Investments Ombudsman Ltd
PO Box A252
South Sydney NSW 1235
Phone: 1800 138 422

Fax: (02) 9273 8440

Email: info@cio.org.au

Please note than in receiving, investigating and deciding on a complaint, and in the recording of information for reporting purposes, 1ST CITY & Constantia Finance Partners will respect your privacy by complying with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1998. If at any stage of the process you wish to clarify any information, please do not hesitate to phone our Complaints Manager on 8315 2046 or via email to info@1stcity.com.au